Bright White Smiles Available for Patients Seeking Teeth Whitening in Allentown

Everyone wants a bright, attractive smile, but not everyone has beautiful white teeth. In western culture, bright, white teeth have become a symbol of health, youth, attractiveness and vitality. Tooth whitening has become important to many patients and dentists now offer safe whitening procedures in their dental offices. A patient seeking Teeth Whitening in Allentown has local dental offices that offer a full range of teeth whitening procedures.

There are several reasons why not everyone has a naturally bright white smile. Genetics play an important role. Not everyone is born with the same color of teeth. After hereditary come environmental factors. People who drink a lot of coffee, tea, soda and even sports drinks will over time, stain their teeth. Many foods such as berries and other intensely colored foods will have a staining effect as well. White and red wines can also contribute to discoloration.

Some medications can also cause staining or discoloration of the teeth and activities like smoking and poor dental hygiene can take away a bright smile once possessed in youth. Illnesses can also discolor teeth and age plays a factor as well.

Those looking for teeth whitening will be happy to find out that area dentists have been thoroughly trained in the latest teeth whitening techniques and procedures. These procedures include treatments using professional whitening agents, use of lasers and special light treatment equipment. In office procedures are more effective than home whitening kits because of the potency of the ingredients of the whiteners and the access to professional heat, light and laser equipment.

A dentist who offers Teeth Whitening in Allentown will examine patients and make recommendations. While chemical whiteners are often the technique of choice, some patients opt for dental veneers that attach to the teeth, reshaping and brightening the look of the teeth. Bonding agents can also be used to change the appearance of tooth color.

Teeth Whitening in Allentown falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry and is just one of the services offered by area dentists. Preventative and restorative care is also offered and an Emergency Dentist is available to respond when pain or injury has created a crisis situation. Making a smile brighter can be a boost to self-esteem but nothing takes the place of good dental hygiene. Regular check-ups and treatment as prescribed will keep patients smiling. Visit Bethlehem Family Dental for more information.

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