Best Practices for Avoiding Automobile Accidents with Trucks

It’s no secret that many automobile accidents involve heavy vehicles like trucks. What is a bit less known is that in many cases, you can avoid those accidents if you know what you’re looking for. Even so, there are times when there is nothing you can do to stop an accident. In some cases, the company who owns the truck will try to put the blame on you. This is why a Lake Geneva truck accident attorney is the right person to have on your side if you are involved in one of these accidents.

  • Causes of Accidents

When it comes to trucks, there are mistakes that happen which can increase the possibility of an accident. One may bump into another lane making a hard turn. Others may be fatigued from driving many hours on end. In some cases, these truckers are pushed to work longer than they should and avoid breaks, which can lead to poor decision making.

  • Avoiding Accidents with Trucks

One thing to keep in mind is that being legal is not the same as being safe. Even if it’s legal to be where you are on the road need a truck, that doesn’t mean there aren’t safety issues. There are a few things that seem to cause accidents in most cases, which you can learn from and avoid in the future.

  • Blind Spots

If you are driving just behind the truck or on either side under the rearview mirrors, you will be in the truck’s blind spot. They cannot see you there. It’s also a bad idea to quickly change lanes while in front of a truck. These trucks are heavy, even if not full, and they cannot turn of stop as quickly as you can.

  • Passing Decisions

It can be harder to figure out the speed a truck is going when comparing it to a car. You should know that passing a truck in the right lane is more dangerous than doing so in the left lane. In most cases that involve these things, the truck company will do all they can to blame you for the accident.

  • Free Consultation

If you have been involved in an accident with a truck, the Law Offices of John V. O’Connor are here to help. We can provide you with a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys to determine if you have a case. You can reach us at 262-671-1685 if you have any questions.

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