Bath Remodeling Trends Taking Shape This Year

In 2014, there have been several notable trends in bath remodeling San Antonio renovation companies have seen. A variety of materials remain popular. The trends, however, reflect survey results that favor energy efficiency and making use of the space already there. A complete remodel is a daunting challenge. That will never change. There is always a loss of function for at least a brief time while the work is done. The actual trends, however, may give you ideas and insight into the most effective bathroom remodeling techniques.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency has made it to the bath just as it has pervaded the entire house. There are now high efficiency toilets and the overwhelming variety of new ones fit this category. This helps people cut down on water usage. The traditional two-piece toilet is still popular but many people, particularly younger customers, are opting for wall-mounted or tankless models.

Another common sight is the LED light, becoming increasingly popular in showerheads. Skylights and lighted vanities are growing in demand as well. These trends reflect an overall shift towards energy efficient products in many different industries.


The way baths are furnished has changed a little. In many cases, customers are choosing less privacy and not separating toilets from everything else in the room. Homeowners are also tending to forgo tubs, aside from those with children, in favor of glass shower enclosures. Few people are adding shower curtains these days, and choosing frameless glass topped showers. Rain style and multiple showerheads seem to appeal to younger buyers while older homeowners show preference to hand showers and sliding bars.

Double sinks are growing in popularity as well. Over half of homeowners in one survey remodeled their baths to include these. Those over 45 were more likely to than younger participants. Additional trends include a diminishing appeal for wallpaper and hardwood.

In the end, however, it is your preference that determines the materials, furnishings, and style. A home improvement company can help pick from the leading designs and provide the resources necessary to achieve your goals. Detail is key to creating a bath that goes to the farthest reaches of the imagination. The bath remodeling San Antonio homeowners look for must match the demands of their daily life and inspire relaxation. A perfect result is as important as remodeling any living area, kitchen, or other room in the home.

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