Auto Accidents Portland OR Chiropractic Care

by | Jun 25, 2013 | health care

Even minor automobile accidents can cause injuries. Many times the injured person has no idea they are injured at all. One of the main issues with auto accident injuries is that people fail to go to the ER and at least get checked out even though they feel fine at the time. Pain from minor injuries may not present for 24 hours or more later.

After you have shared information and reported an accident, you need to seek medical attention. Waiting can keep you from getting any kind of settlement if you wind up in a lawsuit. One thing that can help you with your recovery is to use Auto Auto Accidents in Portland OR chiropractic care. What can you expect from a chiropractor for auto accident chiropractic care?

Initially the chiropractor will consult with you and you will go over the information about your auto accident and your pain levels. You should make sure to sign paperwork so your x-rays from your car crash reach the chiropractor’s office. When he or she has the full picture of what’s going on with your injuries you will go over a program for pain relief and healing.

You will also fill out paperwork regarding your medical insurance information and forms regarding your auto insurance and your lawyer if necessary. Auto Accidents Compensations commonly include chiropractic care in lawsuits. You will go into your chiropractor’s office for whatever treatment has been chosen for you. Make sure to be on time and keep all your records and paperwork from your visits.

The most common reason patients see Auto Accidents Portland OR chiropractors is for whiplash. While you might think this is a cliche injury, it can be quite serious. Most whiplash issues don’t cause a problem for several years when left untreated. That’s why it’s so important to get treated as soon as possible to avoid problems like osteoporosis or arthritis later.

Pain, headaches, fatigue, soreness, and stiffness will be common after the car crash. Your chiropractor will help you reduce these aches and pains. The number of sessions are determined on your injuries and pain levels. Every patient gets a personalized treatment program from Auto Accidents Portland OR chiropractic services.

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