Anti-Money Laundering Training-Brings Awareness

There are just some things you never really learn in school; anti-money laundering training can fix that. In today’s world AML controls have taken on a new face. Every person in your organization should be given the opportunity to not only understand the AML codes but they should also be given the opportunity how to recognize the need for them.  If you have an employee that graduated college even 20 years ago the AML code reasoning was a little different then.

Terrorism a Global Problem
Since 9/11 terrorism has become the world’s enemy. AML codes are more important than ever when it comes to terrorism. It is expensive to fund a secret war on the world and what better way than through money laundering schemes. Having a staff that is well-aware of the threat because they have had the up to the minute training that made them aware can help your firm to do your part.

Understanding the Threat
Money laundering has always been used to transfer ill-gotten funds into a usable cash-flow and while it has always been illegal, today the consequences of an untrained staff can be far greater. Providing the necessary information protects:
*The public
*The firm’s reputation
*Employees and officers of the organization

Well-informed employees will be able to easily recognize money laundering schemes and know what steps to take to stop them.  Today money laundering is not only about stopping the bad guys from spending ill-gotten gains but it can be a life-saving situation.

You can get the updated course material you need to disseminate to your group from Interactive Services. The format is easily delivered, easy to understand and can help your firm to empower the employees to recognize a threat when they see it and give them the information that they need.

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