An Undetected Leak Can Cause Serious Damage

Leaks can happen anywhere and anytime where plumbing is concerned. In fact you may already have a leak and just not know it. This is why leak detection in Redwood City, CA area is so very important. You need the professional services of experienced plumbers that know how to locate leaks and stop them before they can cause expensive damage. Leaks are a problem when it comes to water conservation too. It is vital for your household expenses that leaks are caught, as well. An average person can use up to one hundred gallons of water bathing, showering, and flushing. Now add how many family members you have and multiply that by 100 and that’s potentially how much water you could be using. If you have a leak, the water usage is even more! Leaky plumbing could be causing your water bill to rise each month.

Take Control of Your Water Usage

Don’t let plumbing leaks take you by surprise with a higher water bill. Call a professional plumber to check for water leaks especially in older pipes or corroded fixtures. These types of leaks may be harder to detect inside your home until it’s too late and they’ve started to show signs of damage such as warping floorboards and discoloration of walls. Newer pipes aren’t immune either. You could have pitting corrosion which is known to affect copper pipes. This is primarily due to chemicals in your freshwater supply.

Schedule Plumbing Service for Leak Detection

Did you know you could have over half a dozen leaks in your home? They could be located in different areas and range from a drip once in a while to steady dripping that starts to show extra usage of water. All of those drips tend to add up. Up to 14% of residential water can be allocated to water loss due to leaks. When you schedule plumbing services they can find those leaks, help you stop wasting water, and prevent damage to your home.

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