An Order of Protection Attorney in Suffolk County NY Can Help You Get an Order of Protection

When you date or marry someone, you don’t expect them to become violent. Often, the abuse starts small and builds over the relationship so it can become difficult for you to get away or even know where to begin to get help. This is the unfortunate reality for many men and women. When you are able to get away, you likely need help protecting you. One of the ways you can do this is by applying for an order of protection.

When you apply for an order of protection, you don’t need an attorney to help you. You can fill out the paperwork by yourself. However, this is a very stressful time, and you’re going to want someone on your side who has been through this before. An Order of Protection Attorney in Suffolk County NY has vast experience working with these orders, and they can help you organize your thoughts and evidence to put into the application.

Once you have completed the paperwork and turned it in, you may be given a temporary order of protection. This only lasts until you can have a hearing to make it a yearly order. At the hearing, you’ll find it helpful to have an Order of Protection Attorney in Suffolk County NY by your side. They can speak for you in court so you don’t have to stand up since your abuser will be in the same room. They can help prove to the judge that you do need a protective order so you will have a better chance of it being approved. Once the order is approved, they can explain the details of the order for you so that you understand what the person can or cannot do while the order is in place.

If you’ve suffered from abuse, the time to put a stop to it is now. It’s not going to get better, and they’re not going to change. To protect yourself, you may want to speak with an order of protection attorney in Suffolk County NY so you can get help obtaining an order of protection. Your Order of Protection Attorney will walk you through each step to ensure you understand everything that is happening and give you a better chance of the order being approved.

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