Advances in Braces Technology

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Dentist

Today’s braces are a far cry from the braces from a couple of decades ago. While in the past braces were painful, often embarrassing, and highly restrictive, today braces are none of these. Braces are also cheaper than ever, so it may be time to consider getting your or your child dental braces in Hinsdale.

They Can Be Clear

In the past, braces were braces. They required a highly visible metal wire to be attached to your teeth. This often lead to teasing from other children and teenagers. Today, however, there are options such as Invisalign, which are custom fitted to your teeth. These solutions are removable plastic guides that slowly move your teeth back into place. Because they are temporary, they are made with a clear plastic and can be worn without being apparent.

Eating Restrictions

Because many of today’s braces options are removable, eating restrictions are a thing of the past. True, with traditional style braces you will still have restrictions, but with a removable solution, since they can simply be taken out, you are not restricted to what you can and cannot eat. This also means no restrictions on chewing gum, which can bother many people with braces.

Less Pain

In the past, braces used a stainless steel tension wire to apply pressure to your teeth. This is what caused them to straighten, but was often painful and wore out quickly. This is because of the high tension strength of the stainless steel. Stainless steel as also used because it is a cheap material and helped keep costs down. Today, the arc wire is made of titanium or copper alloys which expand when exposed to body heat and apply pressure. This lower amount of pressure makes the braces less painful.

Today’s braces are vastly improved over those of yesteryear. New braces are often clear and removable, or at least less painful to wear if they are permanent.

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