Add To Your Interior Style With Mahogany Doors

While mahogany is often used for exterior doors since it is such a durable, solid yet regal looking wood, it is just as beautiful on display with interior doors. Mahogany doors through the house can add to the interior design and décor and emphasize the beauty of the rooms in your home.

The Importance of Quality

There are lower cost interior doors available at any building supply store, but the quality of mahogany doors combined with their durability is something important to consider. Choosing the lower priced, lower quality hollow types of doors so common on the interior of homes, can end up costing you more over the life of the home.

If you stop and consider how many times a door is damaged when moving furniture, with general use, and when you have active kids in the house, the cost of multiple low-cost doors can add up quickly. Choosing the higher quality, solid mahogany doors will ensure these doors last a lifetime and require only regular cleaning and maintenance to stay looking beautiful and new.

Shaker and Mission Styles

The Shaker and Mission styles of interior mahogany doors are always a popular option. With a variety of different panel configurations and designs, they are simple enough in style to blend in with any décor or design.

In addition, these doors will come in all standard widths, ensuring they will fit existing doors to any interior room. However, if you do have a custom built home with unusual door sizes, companies can also build custom mahogany doors to your measurements and specifications.

Colors to Choose From

All mahogany doors will be finished with a stain and then a UV protectant top coat. This finishing is important even on the interior to prevent fading from exposure to sunlight from windows as well as to protect the wood from minor scuffs and scratches.

With its natural brown to red color, the mahogany doors in your home can be stained to create just the look you want. The natural stain will enhance the fine grain of the wood while the darker stains, including a red mahogany, dark walnut, and a Jacobean will add a touch of color and style to any room.

Choosing mahogany doors for your home is an investment in the overall look of your living space. These doors will add to the design and décor and with the many styles to choose from you will find just the right match.

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