About Teach English Abroad Programs – Learn Before You Go

Sorting through the many programs available to those seeking English teaching positions abroad can be daunting. There is a lot to consider, and your choice of country and school are only two of the many choices you face in your decision to teach abroad. There is a wealth of information you need to know before starting on your journey, but choosing your program is a smart start.

Government Programs
For a government program you need a degree, and practical teaching experience helps. Some programs sponsored by the government pay stipends or salaries. The United States government also offers programs which include, food, housing, and airfare reimbursement. The arena is competitive however, and you will find yourself vying for that special location you have in mind with applicants from all over the country.

Recruiter Programs
Using a recruiter offers perks as well, but most require you to already have your Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate. Recruiting programs offer airfare, in country support, and depending on the country of your choice, furnished apartments, health insurance and paid vacations. With recruiter programs, you have a greater chance of obtaining placement in the country of your choice. Most recruiters have a lot of teach English abroad programs to choose from where government programs may be limited.

Certification Programs
Online TESOL programs are cheaper, but many countries lend more weight to in-class training. TESOL certifications have no expiration so once you have one, it’s forever. You want to make sure your desired country recognizes an online TESOL. Check with your college because it’s possible they offer online classes to obtain your certification. Some countries have slightly different requirements for certification, so you will want to check with your recruiter for further information.

Teach English Abroad Programs are a great way to see the world, and gain experience to further your career goals. Positions are available for any lifestyle, and the goals you set should direct your choices. TESOL certification opens the door to worldwide opportunities and adventures. The high demand for English teachers abroad guarantees you a chance to fulfill your dreams.

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