A Residential Electrical Contractor in Louisville KY Is Ready to Tackle a Broad Range of Projects

A Residential Electrical Contractor in Louisville KY can complete an enormous variety of tasks for homeowners, ranging from installing a new outlet to wiring a home addition to rewiring an older house. This skilled trades person can install motion lights and patio lighting, put in new electrical features during remodeling, and complete the wiring for appliances such as a clothes dryer and an electric stove. Electricians also install burglar alarms and electric smoke alarms.

Many homeowners who might have moved to a bigger house during a better economy now choose to have their current residence remodeled. They might have a basement or attic finished for living space, or they might add a family room or extra bedroom to the house. These projects generally need the installation of wiring, outlets and fixtures. A Residential Electrical Contractor in Louisville KY can accomplish all those projects.

Sometimes a remodeling project includes a substantial change in lighting. An old kitchen, for instance, may be saddled with one overhead light above the eating area as well as one above the sink. Homeowners are likely to want a much more effective lighting situation in this room to make meal preparation and baking easier. An organization such as Bates Electric can install attractive track lighting over counter tops and swap the overhead light over the table with a hanging fixture.

In some rooms to be remodeled, an overhead lighting fixture might be removed and swapped for a ceiling fan. Homeowners might prefer to have table lamps in those rooms instead. Older houses commonly have a need for more outlets, since people today own a significantly larger of electronic devices than was true decades ago. Electricians advise against relying on extension cords for permanent use, since those cords are not intended for that purpose. Plugging several pieces of equipment into one outlet also overloads the wiring. It may not be enough to trip the circuit breaker or blow a fuse, but it still is probably more than one outlet is designed to safely manage. Click Here to schedule electrical service with skilled professionals who are ready to tackle a broad range of projects.

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