A Greener Way to Sell Soda

One of the main issues with selling sodas is the fact that they come with so much wasted material. From when they are brought to the shop cased in an excessive amount of plastic and metal, then placed on the shelves to being bought and simply thrown into landfill sites, they create a lot of waste. This is a real issue and needs to be addressed to save what could be the small amount of nature we have left. Packaging from all sort of products, from food and drinks to TVs and fridges, are all helping to perpetuate this polluting mind frame which is plaguing our planet right now.

Why is the Package such a Problem?

The packaging is such an issue due to the fact that it takes so long to degrade. One plastic bottle takes up to 600 years to biodegrade. An aluminum can, 200 years. A tin can, 50-80 years. A glass bottle can take 1 million years to biodegrade. That’s an excessive amount of time. All of them are all contributing to the continuing problem of pollution. If nothing is done about it in the near future then we are only making the timeframes longer. This gives our planet less of a chance to rejuvenate itself, posing more of a risk of an extinction event for humanity. There must be an answer to save all this waste, and the answer is a cold beverage dispenser.

How is a Beverage Dispenser More Environmentally Friendly?

A beverage dispenser is environmentally cleaner due to the fact that it uses a staggeringly smaller amount on materials in the long run. These machines create less waste and use less materials in their creation. When at the factory, a good green company will ensure any scrap metals are re-used, any testing-water is re-cycled and these machines, once made will help the buyer reduce the amount of physical glass, plastic and metal drink containers they buy. This effectively limits the drinks to paper cups, paper cups which can easily be re-cycled and if not, they will biodegrade in 20-30 years.

Using a cold beverage dispenser in your establishment can help you help the planet. You can save money on physical beverage orders, save the environment on wastage and make extra money for your establishment all at the same time. We only have one planet, we should do all we can to make sure we don’t destroy it.

Help the environment by getting a cold beverage dispenser. Call Lancer Corporation at 210-310-7000.

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