A Brief History of Cosmetic Surgery

Are you planning a Chicago cosmetic surgery procedure? If so, you might be interested to learn more about the history of this type of surgery. You might think that cosmetic surgery is a fairly new medical procedure, but the truth is, it goes back 1,000s of years!

The Origins of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, commonly known as “plastic surgery,” comes from the word “plastikos,” which is Greek. It means, “to shape.”  The first types of cosmetic surgery were similar to how we do skin grafts, today. There is evidence that people were using skin grafts as far back as 323 B.C. The use of skin grafts and advances in this type of surgery stopped throughout the Middle Ages, due to the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, by the Renaissance, cosmetic surgery was once again in full swing. Doctors were doing revolutionary procedures including breast reductions by the 1400s.

The Most Important Time for Cosmetic Surgery

Over the years, advances in plastic surgery continued, but it wasn’t until WWI that real advances occurred. During the war, soldiers were getting devastating injuries. They were not all life-threatening, however. Instead, they negatively affected their looks. So, there was a necessity for facial surgery, and a lot of soldiers who surgeons could perfect their skills on.

It was also during this time that people started getting cosmetic surgery because they didn’t like their looks. Before this, people only did it due to health reasons. Now, however, if someone didn’t like their nose, for instance, they could get rhinoplasty.

The field of cosmetic surgery became an officially recognized surgical specialty in the early 1900s. The first professional journal was published in 1946. This was very important because it allowed plastic surgeons from around the world to share their techniques and methods, ultimately leading to the way things are done, today.

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