6 Things to Know Before You Go for an Invisalign

Before you go for an invisalign treatment in North Hollywood, here are a few things you should know:

It can affect your speech

You might end up with a lisp, says People. Braces have the same effect as well. However, these effects won’t last. The sooner you speak with the braces in, the sooner you’ll get used to the trays. The lisps should go away, once you’re used to them.

You need to wear them

You’ll need to wear the trays for as long as 22 hours every day. Some cut down short to 20, though, depending on their lifestyle. If you’re going to stick to 22, though, you’ll find yourself living by the clock. Mostly because you’ll have to find a way to use up all of those 2 hours of freedom.

You’ll carry a toothbrush everywhere

You need to brush your teeth every single time you eat. If you’re going out to drink, stick to clear liquids like white wine or vodka and stay clear of red wines. If you don’t, your aligners are going to get stained.

You’ll be in pain

You might be in some pain during the first few days or week. Some use wax to cover the rough or sharp edges of the aligner. You can also ask your dentist to file the sharp edges.

You’ll see results

It will usually take about 2 to 3 months before you start to see improvements. Depending on how severe your bite problems are, results could also take several weeks longer.

You’ll need plenty of water

Wearing these aligners could leave your mouth irritated and dry. You’ll need to drink plenty of water to compensate. You’ll need to drink your coffee quickly instead of lingering over the cup since you only have a few minutes before you need to put the aligners back on. Keep this in mind if you look for invisalign treatment in North Hollywood.

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