6 Reasons to Love a Garden Canopy

Don’t let your gardens or backyard go to waste. If you’ve got plenty of outdoor space, you can put that space to excellent use with a garden shade. Here are seven ways you could play around with garden shades:

Keep It Cool
One of the basic uses you’ll have for an outdoor shade is to keep the sun off your favorite spots in your backyard. There’s nothing like the glare of the sun or too much heat to get you to walk back inside the door and leave your garden behind.

Block off the Ultraviolet Rays
Another advantage of getting an outdoor shade is to protect against UV rays, says Gardenista. Given the serious effects of climate change and global warming, it’s only wise to make sure you take the necessary precautions whenever you spend some time outside. A little sun never hurt anyone but if you’re planning to stay out there for an hour or two, you’ll be more comfortable and certainly safer from harmful rays if spend that time under an outdoor shade.

Reading Nook
Fresh air is always a good thing. Basking in the mid-morning sun or lying down under the shade, in a hammock or bench while you finish a new book is one way to enjoy a much-deserved weekend. Don’t have trees with enough leafy boughs to you give the shade you want? That’s where an outdoor shade can come in handy.

Parties and Gatherings
Holding a party? You can extend your party space by using a garden canopy to provide your guests with more than enough room. With an outdoor shade, you won’t have to worry about entertaining in a small, tight space. You don’t even have to limit yourself to a table and a few chairs. You could convert that space into your own barbeque and grill spot. Invite family and friends over when you’re in the mood for a family brunch or just want to spend some time in company you love.

Privacy Screen
If you’ve got a pretty great outdoor space but feel it’s too open, you could put in a canopy for privacy screen. Put it over your outdoor dining space or pool and you won’t have to worry about nosy neighbors taking a peek at your backyard.

Outside Color
Some outdoor canopies come in a slew of shades, colors, and styles. You can use one to add some color to your outdoor space. It’s a great way to put your own personal stamp over your garden as well.

There are plenty of ways you could be creative with a garden shade. Don’t be afraid to explore each one.

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