5 Steps To Secure Business Insurance In Harrisburg PA

by | May 27, 2013 | Insurance

In today’s world you need Business Insurance Harrisburg PA for any number of reasons. Risk management, specialty risks and benefits management are just one way to invest in insurance for your company. Traditional reasons prove that protecting your business and your assets help you focus on the job at hand while knowing you are secured in going and growing forward. Here are 5 tips at buying business insurance for your company.

The first step in purchasing Business Insurance Harrisburg PA is assessing your risks in the company. In the underwriting process, the insurance company will determine what part of your risks they will insure. With the assessment they will determine your premium and deductible. This is the time to get different estimates on your policy as your risks include such things as location, building type, local emergency services available, and of course the type of business you are in.

The second step is to shop your policy around with a number of companies as well as agents within the company. A simple search on the National Federation of Independent Businesses will give you a fair and balanced estimate of what your insurance premium should look like considering your risks. Third, consider buying a Business Owners Policy (BOP). This will enable you to buy your policy in a package deal as opposed to smaller premiums with individual, and most likely relatively high, deductibles. BOP’s generally have a package deal that include all of your needs under one policy and one premium.

The fourth step is to find a reputable, licensed agent in a commercial brokerage firm. Finding an insurance agent that has particular experience with your type of business is helpful in these situations. Take into account that they are paid commissions from the insurance agencies so it it in their best interests to find you the best deals so you stay with them.

Lastly, as with any good investment it is important to assess your needs every year. You may need to change your policies, brokers, deductibles, or any other range of business needs to protect your company. Having a Business Insurance Harrisburg PA that you trust will make the evaluation of your policies annually a strategic part of the plan.

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