5 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living Services

People fear getting old for a variety of reasons, but many agree that loss of independence is the scariest of them all. While family members can help you out with day-to-day tasks, the younger generations would be busy with work or school and may not be able to provide help 24/7. Here’s where assisted living services come in.

If you’re thinking of hiring an assisted living in Monterey CA, here are 5 reasons these services can benefit your senior loved ones:

  1. Help with Daily Chores – Seniors may be fully capable of taking care of themselves, but physical chores like mowing the lawn, housekeeping, laundry, or scrubbing bathroom floor can strain muscles or lead to accidents. This is particularly helpful for your parents or grandparents with knee problems and other debilitating problems that could cause pain on a part of the body when exerted pressure.
  2. Medical-related help – While assisted living workers are generally not trained to provide medical assistance, they can be on top of managing a person’s medication, preparing nutritionist-approved meals, and preventing injuries.
  3. Advanced care – If your senior loved ones are unable to take a bath and dress themselves, you will be at peace knowing that your family member is groomed whenever you cannot be there for them. This also involves assisting patients in the toilet. Assisted living personnel are trained to provide this service while keeping the dignity of their patients intact.
  4. 24-Hour Supervision – Having someone in your household with memory loss can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve experience losing one as he/she roamed in the streets without a way to contact them. With a reliable person supervising your loved one, not only will these incidents be prevented, but you can be sure that no accidents (such as fire due to forgotten pan in the grill) will happen.
  5. Transportation – Accompanying your elderly folks or grandparents regularly may not be possible due to work or school. If you find it hard to juggle time with daily responsibilities and ensuring your senior loved ones meet their appointments with their doctor, this kind of service will help you find balance.

Do note that majority of these providers don’t offer complex medical plans with a team of doctors and nurses on hand, but some facilities of Assisted Living in Monterey CA offer this kind of service. The trick is finding one you could put 100% of your trust with, such as nonprofit Central Coast VNA and Hospice.

CCVNA has been providing assisted living in Monterey CA since 1951. It offers several senior care programs through Medicare, Medi-Cal, private insurance, and sponsorships. Contact us today at 831-372-6668.

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