4 Heavy Hauling Tips for Increasing Efficiency

If you have to move very heavy or oversized loads, you have special needs when it comes to shipping. In fact, it’s possible to spend more than you need to and make mistakes when you deal with heavy haul transportation companies. Here are 4 important tips to help make the process easier and more efficient.

1. Use the Proper Trailer

When hauling oversized loads, it’s important to choose the best trailer for the job. In fact, you have several options for trailers, such as:

  • Gooseneck hitch – different from a fifth wheel type setup. The gooseneck gives you more rotation and movement and is needed in many situations.

  • Flatbed – most heavy haul transportation companies rely on flatbeds for most of their work. There are no sides which can encumber a very large load.

  • Lowboy – a special kind of flatbed called a “lowboy” has a middle section lower than the rest of the trailer.

  • Drop deck trailers – provides more area to accommodate some large loads.

2. You Can’t Make Too Many Preparations

Here are some preparations you’ll need to consider:

  • Equipment

  • Drivers

  • Permits

  • Trucking routes

  • Pilot vehicles (escort trucks are required for certain loads).

3. Have the Right Load Securing Equipment

If you want to have the fewest problems, make sure you use the right materials for securing your loads. If not, you could be dealing with issues like damage claims or even accident claims.

4. Check Out Heavy Haul Transportation Companies Carefully

Not all shipping services are the same, and many companies choose to do business with 3PL services specializing in issues like heavy hauling, warehousing, transloading, and LTL freight. A good 3PL provider checks out all the things you need for your loads and makes sure your freight gets to its destination safely and on time.

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