4 Considerations Before You Go Ahead with That Tile Installation

Putting in new tiles can give your home a much-needed makeover. Before you go ahead, though, here are a few considerations to wrap your mind around:

Do you have pets or kids?

If you have pets or children running around the house, then you’ll want to make sure you pick the right kind of tile, one that can easily withstand paws as well as foot prints by energetic kids. That means staying away from expensive options and looking for low-cost but durable ones instead. Look for tiles that demonstrate excellent scratch-resistance for starters.

Are you installing it on your own?

Mistakes in DIY installation could lead to long-term problems for your tiles. Don’t want to deal with all the possible stress and hassle that will cause? Leave this job to the experts instead. Make your life simpler by hiring pros for tile installation in Salt Lake City to take this off your hands.

Will you keep those baseboards?

It might seem ideal to save on costs by keeping your old baseboards. But the old baseboards could affect the appearance of your flooring. The best way to get rid of any possible problems that might arise is to install new baseboards right along with your new tiles.

Are there foundation issues?

Before you call in pros for tile installation in Salt Lake City to get the job done, make sure there aren’t any foundation problems in your home. If the foundation is shifting, then there’s a pretty good chance that your tiles will too. That’s going to damage your flooring, leading to cracks and breaks. That’s going to make for a less than ideal sight. If you’re dealing with foundation problems, it might be better to go for laminate flooring instead since this handles foundation movement much better, says Fox News.

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