3 Things To Look For In A Window Contractor

When having your windows replaced, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is who to hire as your contractor. While this process may seem easy, there can be some pretty significant consequences if you go with someone that is unreliable. This is especially true if you are having custom windows installed.

Here are three things that you should look for in a window contractor:

Experience and Reliability

Experience is mostly important because it shows that an individual or company has been around long enough to satisfy several customers. Contractors do not stay in business by accident and narrowing your list to contractors that have proven their reliability is a great place to start your search.

Happy Customers and Strong References

One of the best ways to find out whether or not a window contractor is reliable is by seeking out strong references. Ask the company if they can provide you with references from several years back, as those customers will have a much better idea of exactly how high quality of a job the contractor did.

Another way to do this is by checking online reviews. On top of the obvious options of Google reviews and Yelp, subscribing to a review service like Angie’s List can help you get a clear idea about the customer satisfaction rate that a contractor has received from past clients.


While affordability is important, it is even more imperative that the contractor you are working with provides a great deal of value. It is best to be sure that you are not simply seeking out the cheapest option available, but are instead focusing on working with a contractor that has proven to provide strong value for past customers.

The Final Word

While there are several window contractors in the Southern California area to choose from, doing the proper research and talking to past customers should help you make a more educated decision about who to go with. California Deluxe Windows is a reliable manufacturer and contractor that can make and install your custom windows. They have a great reputation and install high quality windows using well trained manufacturers.

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