3 Reasons Why Residents Choose Cremation Services In Bellevue, Wa

A recent report by the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that by the year 2030 more than 70% of funerals will include cremation. That trend is obvious in areas like Bellevue, Washington, where funeral providers are seeing a steep increase in cremation requests from families who want affordable but meaningful arrangements. Cremation Services In Bellevue Wa are also popular among clients searching for convenient, flexible options.

It Is Easy to Make Arrangements Online

Many clients opt for Cremation Services In Bellevue Wa because the choice allows them to make arrangements on a provider’s website. That can be critical after an unexpected death when dozens of decisions have to be made quickly. Well established cremation providers are customer friendly and they offer websites that walk clients through each step of the process, provide upfront prices and outline a variety of arrangements. Customers are offered 24/7 service and can often schedule services without even missing any work.

Cremation Simplifies Funeral Planning

It is quicker and easier to arrange a cremation than a traditional funeral with burial. There is no need to visit a funeral home, plan for visitation, schedule formal services, buy a cemetery plot or choose a grave marker. Clients can choose a direct cremation that is typically completed within a few days of death. Once the ashes are returned to families they have the time needed to plan services and contact everyone affected. Clients are able to conduct funerals in virtually any location. It is also easier and less expensive to ship ashes than bodies.

Dignified Funerals Are Affordable

Families are also choosing cremation because it is far less expensive than traditional arrangements but often more dignified. The total costs for funerals vary widely, depending on the services chosen and costs of cemetery plots. However, they can easily run $5,000-$15,000. In comparison, it is possible to schedule direct cremation for less than $1,000. Instead of worrying about covering costs, families are free to conduct services which truly reflect the lives and personalities of the deceased.

Cremation has increased in popularity in recent years, chiefly because of its low cost. Clients also choose cremation in order to simplify funeral planning. In addition, professionals who provide cremation often make it easy to arrange services online.

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