3 Reasons Addicts Resist Seeking Help – and How to Reassure Your Loved One Through Them

Alcoholics and drug addicts often refuse to seek treatment for their conditions. Here are some common reasons offered as to why, and how you can talk your loved one through them.

They Don’t Feel They Have a Problem

The very nature of addiction is deception. The body becomes addicted to a substance that makes the brain believe things are better than they are. While the addict feels great during usage, their body and mind are actually suffering, as well as their lives. It’s important to highlight these issues when discussing treatment options with your loved one, and be sure that they understand that you’re not trying to attack them. Show you care by being there, and refuse to relent.

Rehab Isn’t Accessible

Many addicts believe that rehabilitation at a private addiction treatment center is beyond their reach. They may think this for a variety of reasons, some of which being:

  • It’s too expensive
  • The location is too far away
  • Treatment would interfere with their life too much
  • The process would be too uncomfortable

It is important to reassure your friend or family member that they do have options. Public clinics and hospital programs are available. Insurance funding for other facilities exists. What’s more, life will welcome your loved one back once they’ve undergone treatment; try to remind them of this, especially.

They Don’t Want Others to Know About Their Issues

Privacy is important to most people. While some are open books and wouldn’t mind their struggles with drug or alcohol addiction to be splashed all over social media, many others prefer this information be kept quiet. For those avoiding treatment because of privacy concerns, it can be helpful to recommend a private addiction treatment facility, such as Sacramento-based Diamond House Detox. These facilities offer the best in quality care, while keeping the patient’s privacy and confidentiality in the forefront of their priorities.

Whatever reason your loved one offers for avoiding rehab, try to be patient and understanding. This is a big step for them, and having someone that they know will be supportive throughout the process will be the encouragement they need to make the right decision. Guide gently and remain positive. They can do this, and so can you!

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