3 Questions to Ask about Chevy Used Car Warranties

After accepting an offer from your auto dealership representative, you must finalize your contract. You will be questioned about what warranty you will be most interested in, depending on the lifestyle you will be using your new vehicle in. Some factors include theft-recovery systems, prepaid maintenance plans, and paint protection. Most importantly, you must evaluate each factor so that the appropriate warranty is set in place for your needs when you purchase a Chevy in Rockdale.

This article will touch a deeper topic however – Extended Warranty. This warranty begins after your initial warranty expires. Not many people require it since they do not need the vehicle for an extended period of time. Nor do they need the extra protection because it will not fit into their budget, let alone be needed since they do not require glamour over functionality of the vehicle. If your answer is initially no, then there’s no need to regret the decision later because the offer for an extended warranty last until the expiration of your initial warranty. The price rises exponentially after the expiration date, so take note to observe the need for an extended warranty before the expiration date. Here are a few questions to ask when considering such:

1) Who supports the warranty?
A third party guarantees some extended warranties. This method is beneficial when the vehicle is housed at the dealership, not in your driveway. Make sure the automaker is the one who stands behind the warranty, not just the company or dealership. Most manufacturers guarantee extended warranties across the country so it shouldn’t be an issue.

2) What is covered?
Extended warranties lack the coverage of every part or item in your vehicle and could be detrimental to your budget in the future in accidents or repair issues. To make matters worse, most extended warranties come in tiers – i.e. platinum, gold, and silver – with different coverage at different prices. Read the fine print carefully. It’s best to determine WHO will be taking care of the repair bill, WHAT repairs will be fully covered, HOW will the payment method work – via pay forward and be reimbursed later and/or small deductible to pay.

3) Why are you considering this?
There’s a method to the madness when considering an extended warranty. Are you curious about its existence, or do you really need it? Newer vehicles are becoming more users friendly and operationally efficient. So extended warranties are not a necessity anymore like back in the day when vehicles had a life of 8 months to 3 years. Some people prefer the extended warranty for peace of mind and do not mind taking the risk to fund the warranty – better to have than wish for later?

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