3 Benefits of UV Tanning in Appleton, WI

A natural, golden tan can improve a person’s appearance. It adds a healthy glow to the skin and, in some cases, can give the perception of weight loss. While spray tans are an option, many people aren’t happy with the orange tones that often result in a fake, unhealthy-looking pigment. UV tanning in Appleton WI, offers several benefits that keep individuals coming back to the tanning bed consistently.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D levels in the body aren’t always consistent. In fact, most people see a decline in their vitamin D during the winter months because of their lack of sun exposure. It’s interesting to note that there are health risks associated with a consistent vitamin D deficiency. Individuals spending time in the tanning beds are being exposed to UVB, which increases the levels of vitamin D. Research continues to be done on the benefits the body receives with increased levels of vitamin D.

Improved Mood

Studies of individuals enjoying UV tanning have shown an increase in overall mood. This is especially the case for individuals suffering from the seasonal affective disorder. In months when the sunshine is hard to come by, people often struggle with mood and their overall well-being. UV Tanning in Appleton WI, can help a person get through the winter without facing the seasonal blues. For some, this change in mood makes a huge difference in how they see themselves as well as the world around them.

Improved Appearance

Most people feel like their appearance has improved after UV tanning. The increased pigment, the healthy glow, and the slight changes to the skin give many people a more desirable appearance. For some, this is the main reason to head to a tanning bed. This could be one of the factors associated with the improved mood that is also the result of UV exposure. Tanning offers a boost in self-confidence that could change a person’s overall mood.

While there are some risks associated with UV tanning, the benefits are often overlooked. Increased levels of vitamin D, improved mood and improved appearance can make a real difference in a person’s overall well-being. Contact Sun Seekers by Rosie for more information about UV tanning and the benefits it offers.

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