2 Things You Should Not Do When Selecting an Air Conditioning Contractor in Glenview

One of the most crucial steps of installing or having an air conditioning unit repaired is the identification of the right air conditioning contractor in Glenview. If you choose the wrong one, you risk having a system that will not save you money, keeps you uncomfortable and will inevitably fail a few months or years into its operational life. To ensure that you get the comfort and efficiency you deserve, you should find a contractor willing to:

  • Appropriately size new equipment depending on your requirements and home size
  • Have the new unit installed correctly
  • Find and solve pre-existing problems likely to be affecting your house insulation or duct system

Below is how to avoid picking an air conditioning contractor who is likely to take shortcuts at your expense.

Do Not Pick an Unreliable Contractor

Since air and heating conditioning is one of the most complex home service trades, you should not risk having amateurs install new equipment for you. In order to ensure your safety and that of your family, ask all contractors:

  • The number of years they have been in business
  • The type of registration or licensure they have to work within the state
  • If they carry workers’ comp and general liability insurance
  • If the technicians in the team are competent enough to handle refrigerant gas
  • Whether they are members of any national trade associations

Before you commit yourself by signing an agreement, have the contractor show you copies of all licenses, certificates and ensure that any complaints registered with the BBB are resolved.

Do Not Assume that Contractors are the Same

All contractors are certainly not pretty much the same. Unfortunately, some contractors will employ underhand tactics to get the job done, offering sub-standard work for a quick dollar. Although most air conditioning contractors are hardworking and honest, they do not have the business systems that will help serve the customer properly.

Always choose a contractor that has invested heavily into ongoing staff training and purchasing modern diagnosis tools. Such technically leading and ethical contractors also have customer and business service systems that ensure the greatest level of customer satisfaction.

Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is a leading air conditioning contractor in Glenview. The company offers guarantees of ethical, honest business practices that will give you 100% satisfaction. Remember, investing time into identifying an excellent contractor is always time well spent.

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