10 Things You didn’t know about lobster

Have you ever wondered what lobsters are really like out in the sea, with their own kind? We didn’t think so. But the next time you’re at the Seafood Quincy Market enjoying their delicious lobster roll, or browsing the lobster bar, think about some of these lobster facts that you didn’t know before:

1. You can eat them raw: Contrary to popular belief, the tail meat can be eaten raw; if your immune system is sensitive, you should probably steer clear though.

2. They will eat their own: If there is no other food around, they will eat their own.

3. Their teeth are in their stomach: They swallow their food whole, and then grind it up using various surfaces known as a gastric mill.

4. They’re filled with ‘good’ (LDL) cholesterol:  They can actually contain less cholesterol than white meat chicken!

5. In Colonial times, the best way to get lobster was to break the law: Lobster wasn’t that popular back then, so it was served in prison a lot because there was so much of it around.

6. Most of it can be eaten: Many people think that the only edible part is the tail, but in fact, most of the lobster is edible, including the claws and the ‘tomalley’ which consists of the pancreas and liver.

7. One-half cup serving of Maine lobster is about 98 calories: so if you’re watching your waistline, go for steamed, or broiled varieties.

8. They don’t make great golf balls: A University of Maine professor made a golf ball out of lobster shells; however, he soon found that this wasn’t the best idea ever!

9. A one-pound lobster yields about 2/3 cup of meat

10. They are not kosher: Since they don’t have scales, the Jewish community considers them forbidden from their diet.

Now that you have a better understanding of these crustaceans, go ahead and have enjoy one of the many dishes that The Seafood Quincy Market has to offer.

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