Why You Should Perform Proof Load Tests

Safety should always be of paramount importance on your jobs. Ensuring that you’re performing a safety survey before every job helps prevent accidents by ensuring workers have considered every possible problem, and have taken corrective measures where needed.

One of the safety tests that you should perform when needed is a proof load test. These tests are performed to ensure that hoisting and rigging apparatus being used is sufficient for the job at hand. Even when slings and hoists are rated for more than the number of pounds you’ll be lifting, it is important to ensure the slings are capable of doing the job, as well as that the slings are in good working order.

Check slings and hoists for wear and damage before performing a proof load test. Then, complete the test by putting the required amount of force on the slings and hoists, without actually using these for the job. This test will help you to ensure that the slings are capable of lifting the load satisfactorily.

Once you have completed the proof load test, re-inspect the equipment for damage that may have occurred during the test, before performing the actual job.

Tests like these can go a long way to ensuring that your jobs are performed with no damage to equipment and in a safe manner for employees.

If you have questions about how to perform proof load testing, talk to the experts in hoisting and rigging equipment. These experts are accustomed to performing such testing on a regular basis to ensure their products are safe.

Make proof load testing a regular part of your organization’s safety plan and pre-job safety checklists. A few minutes of testing before performing a job can mean the difference between life and death for your workers.

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