Why Choose an Auto Repair Shop, Find One in Cicero

Owning a car means requiring auto repair at some point. Cicero residents may find it easier to go to an independent shop or a local chain shop rather than their car dealership. While some people like going to the same place where they bought the car, it can be an inconvenience. For example, they might be busier, which means it’s harder to get an appointment. They also tend to overcharge you for the parts and labor, which means you spend more money.

Spend Less

Regardless of the model year, cars need to be maintained to keep them in tip-top shape. Just like you go to the doctor to keep your cold from turning into the flu, you can take your car to the mechanic to keep the engine clean and running smoothly. However, auto repair shops tend to cost less because they might use refurbished parts or get discounts by buying parts in bulk. It doesn’t mean your mechanic has fewer skills and experience; it just means that they have less overhead costs.


If you choose the right shop, you’re likely to have a variety of convenient features, such as the ability to schedule repairs and service online. Many shops now have websites, which makes it easier for you to find something that fits your schedule. Along with such, these independent shops may offer coupons, which can help you save more money.

Depending on the shop and the owners, they may offer extended hours or have weekend hours, which means you can get your car fixed if it breaks down on a Saturday or on your way home from work.

Auto repair is something that every car owner must deal with at some point. Visit Trans-O-Mex in Cicero at http://www.transomex.com to book your appointment now.

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