Why Are My Eyes Dilated For A Vision Examination?

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Business

It is very important that you have regular eye exams; it is the only way to monitor your visual health. To ensure that a thorough exam can be carried out, the eyes are dilated, this is not painful or complex, a few drops in the eye forces the pupil of the eye to remain wide open, it will not close up even under bright light. Although there is no pain at all associated with pupil dilation, you can write off a good part of your day; the drops take a good half hour to work and at least another four to six hours to wear off and let your pupil return to normal function. Why is pupil dilation even necessary?

It is actually of utmost importance, if the pupil was not wide open the Optometrist in Woodbridge VA would not be able to see into the back of the eye during the exam. During a normal eye exam, the Optometrist will shine a bright light into the eye, this allows him to see the cornea, lens and iris; Inspecting for any issues. If the pupil has not been dilated, the moment the bright light is shined into the eye, the pupil will close making it all but impossible for the Optometrist to study the details of the eye.

The very back of the eye is where the retina, the optic nerve and blood vessels reside. When the eye has been dilated the eye doctor can see these parts of the eye very clearly. The eye doctor can also diagnose hypertension and see if there are any signs of glaucoma or the beginning of a cataract. For these reasons, the Optometrist will ask the patient to allow their eyes to be dilated, pointing out to them that although they will suffer a minor inconvenience, this will allow the doctor to catch any potential problems before they become serious.

A normal healthy adult can have an eye exam every couple of years, however, if the Optometrist in Woodbridge VA sees that the patient is high risk they will advise that eye exams be an annual affair. Just remember, bring a pair of sunglasses with you so that when you exit the building, the bright light outdoors will not disorient you.

Your eyes are very important and having routine eye exams will allow theOptometrist in Woodbridge VA to catch any potential problems early. To make an appointment, contact My Vision Care.


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