Where is the Best Place To Meet Women In Boston?

You’re sitting around having a drink with the guys when the same old topic comes up once again: Where’s the best place to meet women in Boston?

When this conversation comes up, you could join in and go around and around about how you should only consider women who live in Beacon Hill or how Davis Square has by far the best stretch of restaurants and bars. Sorting out women by location is certainly one way to go about it.

The reality is though, everyone’s ideas about this topic are going to be different. Your buddy from Jamaica Plain might not be caught dead in Beacon Hill, while your banker friends might not ever set foot outside the financial district. With so many conflicting opinions even among your friends, you might begin to see why consulting some random news report or reader poll is not going to do much for your dating life.

There’s another, simpler way to answer the question of the best place to meet women in Boston: It’s wherever you are. If you’re the type who likes a sophisticated martini, you’ll want to hang out in places that mix them up good. If the idea of beer and pizza is more your speed, you’ll want to be somewhere entirely different. If you’re lucky, you could meet someone by frequenting your favorite places. Then again, you might not.

On the other hand, why not up the ante, and arrange to meet someone there ahead of time?

How do you do that, you ask? By allowing someone else to sort through the possibilities for you and find the women who like what you like. When you hire a matchmaker, you’ll let that professional know what types of activities you enjoy, what places you frequent and what you’re looking for in a potential mate. That person can then consult a database of singles in Boston and come up with matches who fit the bill. As a busy professional with many demands on your time, that saves you precious hours, as well as sparing you the annoyance of finding out the woman you’ve been chatting up at the bar actually has a boyfriend.

Then the next time you and your buddies are having that classic conversation about the best place to meet women in Boston, you can fill them in about your new discovery.

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