When To Consider Plastic Surgery

There are many different reasons that people choose plastic surgery. While the most common reason is for aesthetic purposes, there are medical and health issues as well. When individuals are very self-conscious about a feature or a perceived flaw this can impact their ability to feel confident about themselves and to enjoy their life to the fullest.

For other individuals cosmetic surgery can repair areas that have been damaged due to injury, illness or surgical procedures. In other cases the plastic surgery may have health benefits, as with a breast reduction, which may impact other overall issues with the body.

Are You a Good Candidate?

It is important to understand that not everyone wishing to change something about their face or body is a good candidate for plastic surgery. In general, the vast majority of people will be excellent candidates for any procedure providing the results they wish to achieve are realistic.

Individuals in the process of weight loss procedures or programs are typically not considered good candidates for cosmetic surgery as weight loss should be completed prior to any plastic surgery. Additionally, individuals having chronic health issues or those on specific types of medications and medical treatments impacting healing and recovery may not be considered for a procedure.

Meeting Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Determining if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery and the best procedures to achieve the changes you desire starts with your initial meeting with your cosmetic surgeon.

Take the time to research professionals in your area and find a professional with the experience, expertise and training to ensure that you are getting the best doctor. You should also check out their credentials with the licensing board and also check references, online feedback, and patient testimonials.

In addition, remember your first meeting at the office, clinic or facility for your plastic surgery consultation is only a first step. If you don’t feel comfortable with the staff, the options you are provided or the doctor you can get a second opinion or try another facility.

Generally the top surgeons and staff will be working at the facilities in your area and are well known for their services to clients. A doctor taking the time to explain the plastic surgery procedure recommended and answering your questions in an informed way is a wonderful choice in a cosmetic surgeon.

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