When Insurance Won’t Pay, Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Puyallup

A person is in a serious accident and is unable to work for a significant amount of time while they recover. They start to work with the insurance company to obtain a settlement, but the insurance company either offers a minimal settlement or attempts to deny a settlement altogether. They know they need to cover their medical bills, car repair bills, and lost wages from the accident, but they might not know where to look for help.

The person in this type of situation should start by contacting an Auto Accident Attorney in Puyallup. They don’t have to worry about paying the attorney as the attorney will work on a contingency basis. This means that there aren’t any upfront fees for the help and that the full amount the attorney is owed will be built into the settlement offer they receive. If they don’t receive a settlement, they don’t have to worry about paying the attorney.

The attorney will review their case and might need to collect further evidence to help show their client was the victim of the accident if the insurance company is claiming otherwise. They’ll also need to go through the accident-related expenses the person has to determine an amount to be paid by the insurance company. Once they have this information, they’ll start negotiating with the insurance company.

Most of the time, this is all that is needed and the insurance company will settle for an adequate amount, including the legal fees. When it doesn’t work out this way, there is another option. The lawyer can choose to take the case to court. At this point, a judge and jury will determine the outcome of the case and may award the person the money they are entitled to.

If you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and the insurance company is refusing to pay an adequate settlement, you don’t have to fight them on your own. Instead, you might want to contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Puyallup for help. The attorney will be able to discuss your exact case with you and let you know how they can help and whether you should be able to get a larger settlement from the insurance company.

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