What to Expect from the Senior Care Experts of Louisville, KY

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Senior Living

Life gets ahead of everyone. It is hardly getting any easier, and juggling new changes in life keeps us all on our toes. An aging loved one may be too large of a task for one small family to handle. Fortunately, there are ways to get help outside the family. Acti-Kare of Louisville is a city renowned community that provides impeccable elder care in a close knit social interactive community.

But Acti-Kare is more than just a community. It is a social collective for all the Senior Care Experts of Louisville, KY as well as the residents. It is an opportunity for people to truly engage with others in a personal and intimate setting. It is a way for people to find friends for life, and to find brand new activities and goals in their elder age. A loved one will be taken care of far beyond the bare essentials.

Companionship: Few people can ignore that everyone relies on companionship of some kind to be happy. It is what makes dogs the world’s most popular pet, and what wonderful marriages are built on. Companionship is more than a personal nurse at Acti-Kare. A companion is a legitimate friend, and a friend is fostered over time. Our companionship offerings will match every resident with a person of perfect fitting. They will provide personal services, but the focus is more on entertainment and fun. They will provide a walk in the park or a trip outside the residence. Small medication reminders, gardening, partners in activities, and shopping all are normal for residents and their respective companion.

Personal Care: aside from the fun and exciting things, families can be comforted knowing that their loved one is cared for on a practical level. This will include bathing, grooming, feeding, pet care, and transportation assistance. Laundry is also included. All this is provided with the utmost professionalism.

Senior Care Experts of Louisville, KY may blend the line between friend and caregiver. But there are defined roles in many situations where volunteers will generally provide companionship activities while the staff will provide personal care. In Louisville, everything is covered for in the most heartwarming way. Residents will age gracefully and peacefully in a community that captures the essence of community and friendship.

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