What is Involved in Building a Fence?

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Home & Garden

When it comes to building a fence, you need to be able to access quality services. This is true whether you plan to build it yourself or call on professional fencing services Westchester County area. In Westchester County several companies are capable of supplying you with the materials, providing you with direction and even constructing the fence for you. The overall process can be very simple or more complex. Yet, no matter what your specific preference, you will need to look at specific common aspects before you can start on the job.

Finding a Purpose

Before you begin measuring and long before you order the materials from any of several potential fencing services in Westchester County, you need to ask yourself a simple question. “Why am I building a fence?” If you do not know the answer to this question than chances are you will not be able to go forward with the other aspects of the job.

Knowing why you are building a fence is extremely important. It will direct you towards a certain style of fencing. It will indicate what materials are most suited for the fence. It may even point out such things as color. There are, after all, many different reasons for putting up a fence. They include:

Privacy: These can be either ornamental or utilitarian in style. They can be made of wrought iron, vinyl or metal. Wood is also very popular. Color may be absent.

Security: These generally must be sturdy. They can be metal or wood. They can be electrified or tall. Security fences must be sturdy. Their design can be either utilitarian or ornamental in appearance. If they

Ornamental: These fences tend to be “pretty.” They are not intended to secure the premises or provide privacy. They are decorative. In this category, wooden picket fences and wrought iron fences are popular choices.

Deer or Agricultural: This type of fence is constructed to keep animals out of gardens, crops and yards.

The Property

Before you call on fencing services to help you with the design and construction of your fence, you need to talk about the property. You must know the measurements of the area in which you plan to put up the fence. You also need to understand the qualities of the land. This includes both the geology and the weather. If the land is soggy, you may well have to rethink using a wooden fence. If it is solid and rocky, you may decide to hire a company rather than try to dig those postholes by yourself.

It is also important to locate and mark out all the utilities. You do not want to sever any line. Talk to the local gas, electric and water suppliers. You have to be able to mark them out clearly, before you start to dig. While fencing services will check this out for you if they are hired, you should also be aware in case an issue occurs.

Whatever type of fencing services, Westchester County professionals are there to insure you get the job done correctly and on time. Contact several companies and talk about what you want to accomplish. Ask questions. If you like the answers they provide, go ahead and proceed with the project.

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