What is Dielectric Welding?

by | Mar 8, 2016 | custom products

Dielectric welding goes by a few different names but they all lead back to the same process. This type of welding is sometimes referred to as high frequency welding, RF welding or RF sealing. It is a method where two thermoplastic sheets are joined together. This specialty process of plastic welding is used to create a full range of products that are used in manufacturing other products. This process is used on semi-finished plastics to complete processing.

What is the Process Used For?

Dielectric welding or RF sealing can be used for a full range of activities but is most commonly used for items like:

  • Medical equipment seals
  • Creating inflatable bladders
  • Valve seals

Any product that requires a safe durable seal can benefit from this process. Things like fluid collection bags in the medical field or bladders for industrial use all require this type of process to be done within stringent regulations. There is a certification system in place for companies that can provide dielectric welding and meet the strict guidelines for performing the checks every step of the way that are required for certain industries to ensure an air tight safe seal.

What is the ISO 9001 Certification?

The ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee that the business that you are considering partnering with for your dielectric welding can meet the strict quality control measures that are in place when it comes to regulatory agencies. For example if you are making field dressing kits for the military you will need to use a certified ISO 9001 company to be in compliance with your contractual obligations.

The ISO 9001 certification is a quality standard that you should be looking for before you sign on a partner to provide the dielectric welding services that you need. It speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to providing superior services to their clients and their efforts to help you stay compliant. The ISO 9001 certification process is a rigorous process that encompasses the entire organization not just the QA department. It is a valuable tool in helping other manufacturers to recognize a company that is committed to providing superior services. It is typically easier to utilize the services of a manufacture that already has the ISO 9001 certification then it is to try to gain the certification on your own. The proper equipment and the proper training has to be in place to get the best results from dielectric welding. Use a company that is certified and get your product out.

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