Types of Gold Purchased by Gold Buyers in Los Angeles

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Shopping

When someone goes to a pawn shop in Los Angeles, they can sell a large number of items for cash. Most pawn shops accept jewelry, cameras, cellphones, guitars, and much more. Some of these shops specifically look for people who are selling gold. There are many types of gold purchased by gold buyers in Los Angeles.

Gold Jewelry

Many men and women have pieces of jewelry that are made of gold. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings can all be made from this substance. Anyone who has old jewelry items that they no longer wear can take their pieces to a pawn shop to earn some cash. A gold buyer will gladly take them off their hands.

Gold Bars

Some people may actually have bars of gold they have invested in. If they need the cash fast, they can sell these bars at a pawn shop to make some money. This is a much better option than simply letting the gold sit while they struggle for money that they truly need.

Gold Watches

Just like jewelry, watches are often made from gold as well. Men and women alike can sell their watches to earn some quick cash. The gold buyer will gladly purchase them.

Gold Coins

There are some who will have gold coins lying around. These coins can be sold just like any other item made of gold can. They may be small pieces, but they will still be worth a good amount. A gold buyer will happily take them.

Any item made of real gold can be purchased by Gold Buyers in Los Angeles. They will take just about anything made of gold. Whether it is a small gold coin or a large gold bar, the gold buyer at the pawn shop will be happy to add it to their collection. It will allow the seller to walk away with cash in hand when they need it. Anyone looking to sell their gold can visit Pico Union Pawn Shop. They have a gold buyer available that they can speak to. They also offer a wide selection of items that can be purchased.

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