Two Ways a Residential Electrician in Louisville KY Can Help Homeowners Save Energy

People are generally familiar with suggestions on reducing electricity usage to save energy and money. They know they should turn lights off when not in use, unplug chargers and replace those old incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient products. A Residential Electrician in Louisville KY also can provide service that helps cut electricity usage. This is not only a money-saving strategy, but an environmentally friendly one as well. The Louisville area power plants generate electricity in several ways. When people use less electricity, that is easier on the environment. Less coal and lower amounts of natural gas are needed, for example.

For instance, a Residential Electrician in Louisville KY can install ceiling fans that help the room feel several degrees cooler on warm days. Having the fans moving keeps people comfortable enough to move the central air thermostat setting higher, thus saving energy. It costs significantly less to run a fan than to run air conditioning. Experts say homeowners can save enough on the electric bill to recoup the cost of one large ceiling fan and the installation within one or two years.

Having an electrician from a company such as Bates Electric install motion sensor lights also can save energy. Typically, people must leave outdoor lights on so residents and guests can easily find their way to the door in the dark. Motion sensors turn the lights on when the person approaches the house. That means the light might only be on for a minute instead of 30 minutes or longer. Motion sensor lights are excellent safety components too, as they deter trespassers from approaching the home at night. Visit the site to learn more about this particular company’s services.

Although motion sensor lights traditionally have been considered exterior features, they can be installed inside as well. People probably are most familiar with interior motion sensor lights in public restrooms. Nobody needs to find and switch on a light, and the business doesn’t have to pay for the light to be on all the time. Electricians can install this type of lighting in residential settings where the homeowners feel it would be useful.

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