Traits Identifying A Good Adoption Agency

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Home and Family, Parenting

No one Ardmore adoption agency will be right for everyone. When it comes to the important step of adoption, choosing an adoption agency will be a very personal decision and the factors that make it just right for you, may be very different factors than will be important for another family. However, there are some important traits that good adoption agencies should share. As you approach this momentous decision in your life, take time to identify and choose an adoption agency that can provide both you and your new child a foundation to a strong, supported family.

In spite of the emotion nature of adoption, you should begin by establishing the legitimacy of the adoption agency. A reputable Ardmore adoption agency will be complying with all national and state requirements and should have no problem sharing proof of that compliance. At this point, you should also be asking questions, questions, and more questions. Make sure that you are clear about how fees are assessed and what services the fees are based on. Get specific information about what the agency will do for you and what services it will not provide.

Once you have established the legitimacy of the adoption agency and feel confident with its professionalism with regards to business, you can turn your focus to the overall focus of the agency. A good Ardmore adoption agency will have a strong focus on the child. An agency who is more concerned with placing children in good homes than in providing a child to a family, is child-centered and is watching out for the best interests of the child. An adoption agency with a strong focus on the child will often be making great attempts to find homes for children who are harder to place.

An integral part of the process will include services that support the adoptive family well after the adoption has been finalized. Beginning with counseling and education before the adoption is very important. Adoption comes with its own concerns and issues that aren’t experienced by other families. Pre-adoption services should include education and information about support groups and other resources. As the adoption progresses, you will want to be working with an Ardmore adoption agency that is open to constant communication,  regular training for adoptive families and specific training opportunities for families who will be adopting older children, children with special needs or children from other countries. Be sure to choose an Ardmore adoption agency that will be with you and your new family through your lifetime. This post adoption support will be invaluable as the child ages and has questions, concerns and struggles.


Identifying a good Ardmore adoption agency may be time-consuming and will take effort, but in the end, this work will be worth the time you’ve put in. Choosing an Ardmore adoption agency that meets all of your adoption needs may be one of the most important decisions you make throughout the adoption process.


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