Tips to Help Find Top Electrical Contractors in Matthews NC

Finding Top Electrical Contractors in Matthews NC is key to ensuring that a home and business is safe and that the wiring is in good, working order. Electricians who are reputable can also help to ensure that a person is not going to be overcharged for the work they do, while still having confidence that quality work is provided. Because electrical issues are one of the top causes of home and commercial properly fires, hiring an electrician that has the proper certifications, licenses, and training is essential. Prior to hiring any electrician, make sure to ask the following questions.

Is the electrician insured and licensed?

If a homeowner wants to feel confident they are working with Top Electrical Contractors in Matthews NC, then they need to find one that is licensed and insured. In addition to having the proper licensing, it is also necessary for the electrician to have workers compensation and liability insurance. If they don’t have these essentials, then it may be necessary to interview someone else for the job.

Can they provide new customers with references from previous customers?

Even though the World Wide Web is full of great information and reviews, there is no way to know whether or not they are legitimate. The best way to learn about the job that an electrician did in the past is to speak with past customers. Ask the electrician to provide a list and if they are unwilling to do so, this should be a red flag that they may not offer the reputable services they have advertised.

Does the electrician offer guarantees or warranties for the work they do?

Having warranties and guarantees means that a homeowner has someone to call if something happens in the future. This essential provides a home or business owner with peace of mind they have invested in a reputable electrician.

Taking the time to find a quality and reputable attorney ensures that any electrical related job is done properly. More information about hiring this professional can be found by contacting the staff at Gowdy Electric. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right electrical service is hired.

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