Tips for Snow Goose Hunting in Arkansas

by | Jun 20, 2013 | Sports, Travel

Snow geese are a popular fowl from the water for hunters to target and Snow Goose Hunting in Arkansas residents are no different. As the season starts these birds flock in the thousands, and you can see them flying through the air. While they are easy to see, the birds are not so easy to hunt. They are intelligent birds and learn from their mistakes; whether that is because of their intelligence or because they are hunted so often remains to be seen. Here are some tips for Snow Goose Hunting Arkansas residents to help you locate and bag your snow geese this upcoming season.

Arkansas Duck Masters will tell you that you have to locate your snow geese first. Seeing them in the air is simply not enough, you need to know which field the snow geese populate. Find a few fields, and make sure that you ask the owner for permission to hunt on his land, before you hunt there. It is illegal to trespass on a person’s land, even if it is to shoot snow geese. Have a few fields in mind, but always have a backup plan in place, in case the geese aren’t there, or the owner won’t let you hunt on the land.

One reason that more people don’t snow geese hunt is because there is actually a lot of work involved. You need to put out tons of decoys such as wooden ducks, duck silhouettes, and cheaper decoys made of white rags. This takes patience and hard work, so be prepared to work, not just sit and wait for the snow geese to come to you.

Hunters should be dressed in all white, and the only thing the snow geese should see is the decoys. They will not land if they sense danger and your entire day will have been for nothing, or you will have to reset everything in another field.

Holding your fire is another key component of snow geese hunting. Don’t shoot at everything in sight, and wait on the geese to land before opening fire. It can be fun, but remember to always put safety first. Click here for more detail.


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