Tips For Installation Of The Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter

The Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter is one of the most commonly selected pressure transmitters for use in applications where accuracy, a “smart” transmitter and a dependable, long-lasting solution for measuring pressure, level and flow is required.

There are several steps that are involved in the installation of these transmitters, and it is essential to ensure that all steps are followed as per the instruction manual. It is also important to make sure that all safety recommendations are followed during the installation process to protect both the installer as well as those working in the area. Explosive environments will require additional steps in the installation of the Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter to ensure safety for all involved.

Commissioning and Startup

One of the advantages of the Rosemount 3051 lines of pressure transmitters is their ease of commissioning. They can be commissioned before they are installed with a Field Communicator, or similar device or they can be installed and then commissioned.

It will also be essential to review the data provided during the test. There are pre-set defaults in place that can be changed to meet the specific needs of your system and application. There will also be specific configuration parameters in place that should be verified against the actual results of the configuration and startup procedure.


It will be essential for the correct functioning of the Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter for the installation location to be close to the process. It should also use only the minimal amount of piping required for the setup to provide higher accuracy.

Location considerations for the installation should also include ease of access for installation and maintenance, the ability to calibrate the transmitter once installed as well as a location that has minimal risk of vibration, shock or sudden or dramatic changes in temperatures.

Taking the time to read through the reference manual before starting the installation process. This will help to reduce downtime in the system and eliminate issues during the process.

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