Tips for Choosing Moving Companies in Akron Ohio

Moving day can be quite stressful if you do not select a company that can handle logistics well. Whether you are moving to a new home or moving your business, you should hire a moving company that will make the transition smooth. When hiring moving companies, Akron Ohio homeowners and business owners can take some steps to make sure the company they plan to hire has a track record of good customer service. Consider the follower recommendations before signing a contract with a moving company.

The day of your relocation can include significant amount of stress unless you hire a moving agency that is an expert at handling all of the necessary logistics of the move. Whether your relocation is for residential or business purposes, the right company can help make your transition a smooth one. With a premier provider among the many available moving companies, Akron Ohio home and business owners can take advantage of the services provided by professionals in the industry who know what they are doing.

Consider the following suggestions before selecting a moving company to manage your upcoming relocation.

 * Check BBB reviews
 * Confirm the company is properly insured
 * Check the company’s licensing (federal and state)
 * Request a free quote

Better Business Bureau

The first action item is to check the BBB to evaluate any complaints against the company. While you may see one or more complaints, be sure to keep in mind that some complaints do not necessary represent the company’s reliability or performance. The key is to check if the company has a consistent history of complaints. Reviews of the company may also be found on other sites online.


Secondly, check to make sure the moving agency is properly insured. If you items or property are damaged during the course of the mover’s work, the damage should be covered by the company’s insurance.


Moving companies may need to have both federal and state licensing to perform moving services. For instance, if the moving company relocates your items across state lines, it needs to have a license from the U.S Department of Transportation.

Get a Quote

Finally, make sure you obtain a free quote for services. The quote should completely cover the entire scope of the relocation services you need.

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