Tips For Adding A Retractable Patio Awning

When you add a retractable patio awning to your deck area, regardless of the size, you open up a whole new outdoor living experience. Gone are the days you had to sit inside because of the heat. Instead, you will now be able to go out and enjoy the beautiful afternoons in the cool, comfortable shade.

Once you make the decision to start looking for a retractable patio awning, the next big step is to choose a design and style you like. There are different options out there from an exterior wall mount with quaint country charm to sophisticated, sleek styling that can installed on a roof.

The type and design of your retractable patio awning will be important to choose with care. Top quality designs and construction materials in the new generation of retractable awnings will last for years, and these are an investment in the value and beauty of your home.

The Features

The features of the design you select in a retractable patio awning should match your needs. An important feature to consider is the operation of the awning. Most companies offer some of their designs with either a manual or a motorized opening and closing system.

Both are good choices, but the motorized option does provide convenience. You don’t even have to step outside to put the awning down or to retract it, which is always an excellent option to consider. All you will have is a small, discreet button to push which can be installed where you want it in the home.

Fabric and Frame

As part of the features of retractable patio awning, the fabric, and the frame should be selected very carefully. Look for a system designed to stand up to years of outdoor use with a strong but lightweight frame system.

By buying from a manufacturer with different options in frames and designs you can choose the right one for your needs. If you have a very wide deck or a long deck, the frame construction becomes even more critical to consider for years of worry-free operation.

The fabric needs to be an acrylic fiber to prevent fraying, UV damage, and fading. Some of the top companies now use only marine grade fabrics, which are not only beautiful and long lasting, but they are also water-repellent as well. This combination makes your retractable patio awning a great investment and one you will soon wonder how you ever lived without.

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