Three Reasons Why Homeowners Need Sewer Line Repair Service In Columbus, IN

When a septic system isn’t working properly, the cause of the problem is often a faulty sewer line. Since the sewer pipes are buried underground, there are several things that can go wrong with the lines and cause the septic system to fail. Below, you’ll read about three of the most common reasons why homeowners often need to contact an experienced company for Sewer Line Repair Service in Columbus IN.

Broken Sewer Pipes

When homeowners have a septic system problem, it’s often because of broken sewer pipes. As the soil naturally shifts, this can cause the pipes to move and break. Soil that’s shifted can put an extreme amount of pressure on the pipes, and this can also cause them to crack or burst. Sewer pipes that are several years old can begin to corrode and, as this occurs, they become more susceptible to breakage.

Leaky Pipe Joints

Sewer pipes are connected together and then sealed to prevent them from coming apart. Due to various reasons, including the age of the pipes and soil movement, the seals can break, and the pipes will come apart at the joints. When this occurs, the sewer line will begin leaking, and it will fail to work properly. A professional will have to make repairs to the existing sewer pipes or replace the entire sewer line if there’s extensive damage.

Tree Root Damage

Trees that grow close a sewer line can eventually cause damage to the sewer pipes because of root infiltration. Sewer pipes that are cracked or coming apart at the joints have open areas that allow tree roots to enter and begin growing in the sewer line. As the roots continue to grow inside of the pipes, they form a cluster that eventually prevents the sewer line from draining properly. Clogs that occur from tree roots inside of the sewer line are often difficult to remove, but an experienced technician who provides Sewer Line Repair Service in Columbus IN, can remove the tree roots and repair any damage to the sewer pipes.

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