The Truth About B2B Trade Show Perks

As a small business owner, an entrepreneur or a startup company it can seem like the only way to make money is to have the funds to be able to go to the major trade fairs around the country. While attending these shows has benefits, these larger exhibitions don’t offer the value for smaller companies that a B2B trade show does.

Understanding why a B2B trade show is so important starts with understanding some basic facts. These facts aren’t just for small businesses and unique niche companies but they apply to marketing for both new companies and those well established businesses.

Buying Authority

One very interesting fact is the vast majority of attendees at B2B trade show have the ability to make a deal. This means that they have buying authority or the potential to become your customer. In one study it was found that over 81% of attendees had this authority, which means there are real potential new markets everywhere around you.

In addition with great displays, interactive discussions, and unlimited marketing time for each visitor to a display it is a very beneficial marketing climate.


Combined with buying authority, the ability to interact on a human level at a B2B trade show with potential customers and perhaps even business partners is a positive for all exhibitors and attendees.

That ability to put a name to face, to talk to attendees about their interests, answer questions and pass on your enthusiasm for your products and services is very powerful. By collecting contact information through entering a draw, sign-ups for newsletters or even through linking with your social networking sites right at the show the possibilities to network and continue to build your client base is really amazing.

Get a Look at the Competition

Another really important factor and perk of attending or exhibiting at a local B2B trade show is you have a chance to check out the competition. However, this isn’t about finding out what they are doing, but looking for ways that your product or service could be marketed to fill in gaps currently existing in the market.

By expanding your horizons and networking possibilities through a B2B trade show you can take full advantage of all these perks. Many of the top shows offer free attendance for the event and, with all the benefits, it is well worth considering booking a booth and working to build your brand in the local community.

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