The Simple Beauty Of A Free Standing Wood Burning Fireplace

There are a lot of different options to create a look of comfort, warmth and relaxation but there are few as universal as a fire. Having the option to include a traditional wood burning fireplace in any room of the home is a remarkable addition and one that will be used on cold evenings throughout the year.

There are two basic types of wood burning fireplaces. Once is a traditional type of fireplace that is set into the wall. This will typically include a traditional hearth and chimney, but there are several more contemporary and minimalist types of options available. The other is a free standing wood burning fireplace, which may also be called a wood burning stove.

Zero Clearance and Free Standing Difference

These types of fireplaces can be zero clearance, which means they don’t require the traditional fire box construction, allowing them to be mounted in a much smaller space and with traditional materials. The zero clearance means that the fireplace is safe to use when mounted directly to wood or other potentially combustible materials.

The free standing wood burning fireplace is not mounted into the wall. Instead, as the name indicates, it is located separate and apart from the wall. These are the most traditional types of heaters and they are found in farmhouses, cabins and luxury custom designed homes all across the country.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit of the wood free standing fireplace is the traditional look and feel. You will experience the amazing display of the flames through the glass doors, allowing you to relax and just unwind.

These fireplaces also produce the sounds of real wood fireplaces. Crackling, popping and even the hiss of the pockets of sap or liquid in the wood add to the atmosphere of having a real wood burning stove in the home.

Additionally, as they are free-standing, these fireplaces can be easily installed without the need for a full chimney and fire box. With the use of a free-standing design, you can also customize the location of the fireplace, allowing much more freedom than you would have available with a traditional option.

While there is more work associated with a wood burning fireplace, it is impossible to reproduce the experience using gas. New technology makes these fireplaces more efficient and a perfect addition to a master bedroom, family room, entertainment room or any room of the home.

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