The New Person Directed Care in West Texas

by | Jul 19, 2013 | health care

Person Directed Care West Texas is the new trend in long-term care. In the past the mission of nursing homes as been to implement a system of care that serves all residents equally. In today’s society we are realizing that this is not the best for the residents. This philosophy governs that the residents should have a say in their care and routines so that the care is catered to each resident individually.

Person Directed Care West Texas has the purpose of allowing residents to make decisions about their own care. This can help residents to maintain more of their dignity and sense of well-being. Being in a nursing home environment can be a depressing thing for many people. They spent their lives living to their own personal standards and participated in activities that they enjoyed. Being in a nursing home environment in which they can direct their own care based on their own wants and needs is a step towards the independence that they once enjoyed.

When working at one of the nursing homes that is striving to achieve this new model, it is important to understand the hallmarks of care. This model strives to make meaningful use of the resident’s leisure time, implementing daily schedules that takes into account the resident’s patterns and and life-long habits, recognizing the resident’s personal lifestyle preferences, and the promotion of dignity and respect by giving the residents a chance to make a contribution and have a purpose.

These goals are achieved in several ways. First, the caregivers working with the residents should be as consistent as possible. It is only through this consistency that the staff will learn what each resident desires and can help them to achieve their goals. Next, the residents should become interdependent. They should be able to make meaningful connections with the staff and other residents. They will feel more comfortable relying on others in this manner. This is also the stepping stone to the next goal of building a community. The community consists of the staff, the residents, their families, volunteers and the outside community. When all of these factors work in harmony there is an increased quality of living for the residents.

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