The Need for Central Heating Installations in Wigan

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Plumbing

In the British winter, the desire to keep warm is high on everyone’s list of priorities. We expect to be warm in our homes, our workplaces, shops and eating or entertainment venues. In other words, we can, just about, put up with the cold when out of doors but demand warmth when inside – even in our transportation vehicles.

The Cost of Keeping Warm

When considering Central Heating Installations in Wigan, several cost factors have to be borne in mind. Heat is a basic form of energy, it can occur naturally from the molten material deep below the Earth’s crust but, with the exception of volcanoes or hot springs, this heat source is not readily available in the UK for the purpose of keeping us warm. To heat our spaces to the desired temperature we usually need to burn something. Heat is a product of combustion. We can and have burnt many naturally occurring fuels such as wood, coal, oil and natural gas. All of these hydrocarbon based materials are in limited supply and need to be purchased at an ever increasing cost. Without dwelling on the subject of depletion of supplies for these fuels, the next cost factor is how do we transfer our heat from a central burner to the rest of the building? Our cost appraisal should also include the disposal of the other by-products resulting from burning our fuel.

Fuel Selection

Currently, within Britain, natural gas can be considered an economic fuel to use. Like all hydrocarbons, it is likely to increase in price over time. Central heating installation companies like Central Heating Installations Wigan, offer reliable systems fuelled by natural gas.

Distributing the Heat

Heat itself can be spread by means of natural convection or a forced draught can be used to blow the heat around a series of ductings. However, there are disadvantages to using convection and it is not considered efficient. Fortunately, the produced heat can be used to heat up a liquid, usually water, which can then be pumped around the premises. Devices such as radiators can be included in the system to allow the heat to escape from the pipes at desired positions.

Using gas to heat water in a boiler and then passing the hot water through radiators has another major advantage in that the same hot water can also be used for your bathing and washing requirements. Skilled professionals like Central Heating Installations Wigan can advise you and install complete boiler and central heating systems.


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