The Increasing Need for Used Medical Equipment

In recent years, the sales of used medical equipment have increased sharply all over the world. In the past, medical facilities in rural areas and third world countries bought the used equipment. However, as medical costs spiraled and the demand for equipment increased in urban areas of the U.S. as well as within large hospital chains, more and more facilities have begun to opt for the purchase of used medical equipment.

The Origin of Used Equipment

A limited number of relatively new medical equipment is becoming more available as the top tier medical facilities begin to replace their existing equipment. Such replacements are made in an effort to keep a technology advantage of the other health care facilities with which they are in competition. In addition, it also provides doctors and researchers with the forward-looking technology that is required in order to conduct innovative studies.

More and more used medical equipment has become available as freestanding practices and medical centers downscale or shutter due to an economic downturn. The equipment from such facilities is typically sold in order to raise money to settle outstanding debts. In some cases, the equipment will be refurbished before it is resold.

In High Demand

On the side of demand, medical facilities all over the United States and around the globe have been looking for any way they can find to get maximum return on the budgets that they have in place for the purchase of medical equipment. With used medical equipment becoming more readily available at practically half the cost of brand new equipment, buying the used equipment is the best way to keep the cost of essential diagnostic services as low as possible.

The cost of new medical equipment can go up into the million dollar range. On the other hand used equipment can generally be purchased for half price.
Used equipment available for sale by major manufacturers, including Siemens and General Electric. The equipment is inspected thoroughly for any evidence of malfunction. Once determined to be eligible for resale, the equipment is usually cleaned meticulously and painted or repair as necessary.

If there are any broken or worn out parts, they are replaced with original replacement parts. The system software is inspected for any bugs and is then updated to the most current versions, or even customized if required. Used medical equipment is carefully tested for performance and safety as well.

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