The Importance of Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK

Many insurance claims are due to natural disasters. The wrath of nature can be as devastating as any weapon man could imagine, and many wonder whether their auto insurance policies cover damages caused by natural disasters. The answer to that question is simple as long as the driver has the right policy before trouble strikes.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

An insurance agent will tell customers that comprehensive Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City OK, is important, especially in areas prone to natural disasters. With comprehensive coverage, a driver can get the money they need to repair a vehicle or replace it after a complete loss. Get additional info here to determine whether this type of coverage is necessary.

Tornado Damage

Everyone has seen the devastation a tornado can cause, but the damage isn’t limited to homes and real property. A vehicle can be tossed around like a toy in an F5 tornado, and total losses are quite common. Comprehensive coverage can provide customers with the financial wherewithal to replace what’s been lost.


A hurricane can cause damage in several ways. Falling trees, wind, and flooding are all risks. In areas prone to hurricanes, drivers should consider comprehensive coverage long before storm season hits. Most insurers do not allow coverage changes once a major hurricane is predicted, so buy early.


A flood can occur anywhere, not just in the flood zone. Flooding does severe damage to internal components of a vehicle, and most require the vehicle to be written off as a loss. The only way a driver can gain compensation for the loss is by having comprehensive coverage on their car insurance policy.

Hail Damage

If a car has dozens of tiny dents, hail is likely to blame. While hail isn’t considered a true natural disaster, the damage it causes is covered by comprehensive Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City OK.

Animal Strikes

While an impact with an animal isn’t considered a natural disaster, the damage can be serious. Animal strikes are covered by the comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy, whether it’s a deer, raccoon, bear, or other animals.

It is easy to see why comprehensive coverage is so important where natural disasters are concerned. By promptly reporting losses after a disaster, the claim can be processed quickly. In the event of a natural disaster, most insurers will be inundated with claims, so getting a report in early can greatly expedite the process.

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